The Challenge

  • Organizations struggle to realize the full potential of women in order to maximize company results

  • Women struggle to carve a path to success that works for them within the company

Bridging the Gap

We accelerate success for individuals and companies
by helping women achieve their full potential.

What Differentiates Us

Our research - We have interviewed over 200 people from over 150 companies, representing a broad spectrum of industries, roles, backgrounds, geographies and ages, to gather their insights and lessons learned for working women and managers.

Our experience - We have over 50 years collective experience as proven business leaders and coaches, as females in competitive, male-dominated arenas, and as working mothers.

Our model - We analyzed our proprietary research data and created a framework which translates real life lessons into practical methods that produce immediate results.

How We Help

Workshops & Seminars

  • Lead Yourself:  Leverage gathered wisdom to accelerate women's success 
    • Advance women's progress by sharing proven techniques used by successful women and men
    • Overcome the internal and external barriers preventing women from reaching their full potential
    • Develop personal strategies to confidently voice ideas, navigate corporate culture, strengthen personal presence, and excel in high-impact roles
  • Lead Others:  Leverage the full potential of women in the workforce
    • Identify women's unique characteristics and qualities
    • Equip managers with tools to unlock hidden potential of women
    • Understand, identify and address unconscious bias
    • Improve communication, strengthen team dynamics and achieve mutual success 
  • Launch Your Career:  What you didn't learn in college
    • Fast-track young businesswomen’s progress by exploring the Lead Yourself model and adopting proven methods to achieve greater success

Individual Business Coaching

Consulting Services

Speaking Engagements

Blog and Newsletter

Let who you are work for you™