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Lead Yourself:  Leverage gathered wisdom to accelerate women's success

Women work to carve a path to success that works for them within organizations.  They face specific challenges and have unique styles that companies and managers may not recognize or know how to manage.  While many lessons must be learned through experience, absorbing others' lessons can accelerate learning and success.

In this program for working women, benefit from the insights and lessons gathered in our research.  Hear what women wish they had learned earlier in their careers, explore the proven techniques women found effective, learn what men recommend for women, overcome internal and external barriers and choose the methods that will work for you based on who you are.  

Explore the research and model through a mix of engaging lecture and video, targeted activities, and lively group discussions.

Participants will: 1) identify personal drivers, 2) adopt strategies and techniques to capitalize on individual strengths and overcome challenges, and 3) create a personal action plan to incorporate the insights into everyday lives and sustain progress.  Learn how to Let who you are work for you.

Program highlights:

  • Embrace benefits of being a businesswoman
  • Strengthen self-advocacy skills
  • Navigate corporate culture
  • Build valuable support networks
  • Identify personal drivers
  • Use your game face
  • Find your voice
  • Learn how to deal with boys' club behavior
Gathered Wisdom Model

Lead Others:  Leverage the full potential of women in the workforce

Organizations struggle to realize the full potential of women.  Women face specific challenges and have unique styles that companies and managers may not recognize or know how to manage.  Companies can only achieve maximum results by leveraging the full potential of women in the workplace.

This program, based on the insights gathered in our research, will prepare managers to recognize women's unique characteristics and qualities and provide strategies to effectively lead women.

Explore the research and model through the eyes of both female employees and managers to bridge the gap and achieve mutual success.

Participants will:  1) identify women's unique behaviors, 2) discover behavior drivers, 3) acquire simple tools to address differences and unlock hidden potential, 4) understand, identify and address unconscious bias, and 5) create a personal action plan to integrate the learnings into the workplace.

Program highlights:

  • Discover which traditional "innate" male skills are coachable in women
  • Leverage women's unique abilities
  • Coach women to confidently voice their ideas
  • Strengthen women's presence with internal and external constituents
  • Encourage women to pursue high impact roles
  • Prompt women to build and use valuable networks

Launch Your Career:  What you didn't learn in college 

Fast-track young businesswomen’s progress by exploring the Lead Yourself model and adopting proven methods.

Speaking Engagements

Overviews of our research findings

Keynote addresses

 See our TEDx talk on Reframing Your Thoughts to over 500 people at UWMilwaukee.

Consulting Services

We partner with you to fully leverage the women in your organization.  Our work includes:

  • Assess work environment and culture
  • Develop and implement solutions
  • Establish and strengthen internal Women’s Initiatives/Employee Resource Groups
  • Build effective mentoring programs

Individual Business Coaching

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