Diane and Marcia co-founded Gathered Wisdom Partners® and have over 50 years collective experience in the business world, as proven business leaders and coaches, as females in competitive, male-dominated arenas, and as working mothers.

As neighbors and friends, we supported each other through the years, sharing stories and lessons learned as business executives and working mothers.  Now we've joined forces to help other women.

We gather and share wisdom to help women
be more successful in their work environments
and to improve the quality of their journeys.


We Believe:

  • There is a wealth of collective wisdom to tap into and people are happy to share it.
  • Many lessons must be learned through experience, but absorbing others’ lessons can accelerate much learning.
  • Everyone can benefit from coaching & support, but women face specific challenges and have unique styles that make a targeted approach more effective.
  • There is no one right way or style to succeed.
  • We can help you Let who you are work for you.